New Pearson?s r screening were utilized to analyze the fresh new relationship involving the details of your own research

c) Family unit members Adaptability and you will Cohesion Research Size-20Esp.

That it device is actually good Language type of your own Family relations Flexibility and you may Cohesion Research Level II (Face II) , done-by ily working. The new Faces-20Esp contains 20 issues, that have a Likert-kind of measure which have score anywhere between step 1 (never otherwise almost never) to help you 5 (typically). Things is actually categorized towards the one or two subscales, away from ten activities for each and every, and this scale two dimensions of friends functioning: adaptability and you may cohesion [step 1,3]. Whilst Circumplex Model takes into account these size once the curvilinear, that it survey actions him or her linearly.

So it instrument has actually gotten high internal texture indices (Cronbach’s leader): .89 within the Cohesion and you will .87 from inside the Versatility. The brand new make legitimacy was backed by a good confirmatory factor study you to shown brand new bidimensional design built of the article authors. From most other validity evidences, it was unearthed that so it scale try congruently on the most other instruments one to measure associated constructs, like the Household members Environment Scale. In today’s research, high internal surface indicator was received (Cronbach’s alpha): Cohesion = .92, and you can Flexibility = .91.

d) State-Feature Nervousness List.

The official-Feature Nervousness Collection (STAI), produced by Spielberger et al. , has been modified in order to Foreign language of the Seisdedos . This questionnaire is made from a few bills you to scale a couple of more constructs: Characteristic Nervousness (T/A) and you can County Nervousness (S/A). All the scales is constructed of 20 products which try replied having a beneficial Likert-form of measure anywhere between 0 (nothing) to three (much) on S/A level, and you will of 0 (rarely) to three (almost always) toward T/A level. The score of every level, that may oscillate ranging from thinking of 0 so you’re able to 60, is actually gotten by the addition of the prices of more products that succeed up, in a way that the large scores correspond to highest amounts of anxiety .

The latest psychometric functions on the tool was adequate. About recognition studies presented an interior surface (Cronbach’s leader) between .83 and .92. Simultaneously, they presented proof of concurrent validity from the relevant the newest STAI scale to this regarding almost every other surveys which also level stress : brand new Affect Adjectives List of guidelines (AACL) , the brand new Institute out of Character and you will Feature Comparison-Nervousness Level (IPAT-AS) , and also the Taylor’s Reveal Stress Measure . In the present investigation, precisely the attribute anxiety scale was used, in which a great Cronbach’s leader of .91 was received.


The data range is over through an on-line questionnaire, manufactured in Bing Variations and you can delivered compliment of additional programs. So it incorporated a demonstration on the identity of one’s experts, the goal of the analysis, the fresh new union off confidentiality, this new rules while the gratitude to your participation. Analysis off people that fulfilled every inclusion conditions was indeed inserted towards SPSS-21 and confronted with appropriate statistical testing.

Studies investigation

Several analytical investigation was carried out to satisfy the newest expectations of investigation. To search for the appropriate statistical take to within the for every instance, this new presumptions per of your assessment were checked. The fresh College student?s t evaluation getting separate examples have been carried out to analyze differences off function in the differentiation regarding self and you may stress based on intercourse. After examining the latest pertinent presumptions, a simple linear regression is did to check if the family members doing work predicts the amount of differentiation, and you can a simultaneous linear regression is actually conducted to explore if family members performing and differentiation regarding mind anticipate stress. Together with, a limited correlation studies try sent to check on the result away from the newest differentiation away from notice with the matchmaking between your relatives performing and you may nervousness.

Finally, to check if the differentiation of self mediates the effect of family functioning on trait anxiety, a mediation analysis was performed using a bootstrapping procedure with the macro PROCESS version 3 for SPSS . The parameter estimates were based on 5000 bootstrap samples. The mediational model 4 was used, in which family functioning was considered as an independent variable, differentiation of self as a mediating variable and trait anxiety as a dependent variable. Confidence interval for the indirect effect was analyzed, and it was considered that if the interval did not include zero it would indicate a statistically significant indirect effect with p < .05 .

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