It define an unclear county just before dating whenever youre flirty but really uncertain

These outlines features a color out-of mockery. The oxymoron out of “brutal” and “mercy” paints the push and you will pull dating these people were into the during shooting while the up-and-down dd must have felt once they have been on holiday. We all know dd is an extremely blunt person and you can doesnt such as for example to conquer around the plant. Very getting your to stay which county, it must be distressing, painful, and “brutal” so that the phrase “wonderful” is mockery.

The guy have to keep gg personal forever but the guy cannot as the guy loves your excessively

We purposefully didnt change “ai mei” as if you ask me, there isn’t any a English term for it. When we check out the new CQL bts, “ai mei” ‘s the green flurry bubbles we come across between ggdd. Right here, this new song well identifies one to county during the filming. Additionally uses “eyes” and “looking” to spell it out this “ai mei” anywhere between ggdd because biggest sign of ggdd liking for each and every most other i believe ‘s the method they appear at every other, whether or not because Wangxian otherwise once the on their own. However the 2nd line tells us you to while it looks pink and you will fluffy off outsiders, its in reality “pitiful” you to definitely that is all they are able to has actually, for people. I think right here dd thinks thes one that is actually “enjoying anyone” and gg is certainly one that is “getting liked”, setting-up an irregular updates among them. However, I do believe which they love one another equally and that dd was only also in the a great mist observe it.

The brand new “cant deny, cant need” echos new beating in the bush impact. You could potentially have the not clear stress within this verse. This new track discusses another lady that the artist always like you to didnt like him or her right back. Right here, I’m attending assume that dd simply sympathize into the impact and never carry it actually. The range “while the pitiful just like the a crook” extremely holiday breaks my center. Dd should have decided new like he had been getting didnt very end up in your which every second he had been lie inside, he was becoming greedy.

The true plot of your whole song is all about a lady preference the singer plus the musician didnt including this lady straight back but nonetheless enjoy the ambiguous situation these were during the. My personal head cannon for it track is the fact for dd, the guy sympathize significantly more towards pain of your push and you will eliminate described regarding the track more than the fresh spot. Hes being unsure of in which their connection with gg stay. In the event that he listen to it track during the later 2018 after they scarcely contact, the guy mustve been using which not clear discomfort to describe the connection they had in the summer 2018. They mayve become sweet however, dd was always in a condition regarding fear of losses. And because he wasnt touching gg, he or she is and additionally frightened one to gg may come as well as state they need to you need to be “brothers.” “Brotherhood” have to be perhaps one of the most boring meaning getting ggdd since the during their interviews in summer 2019, it constantly consider one another given that “friends” (otherwise “such as for example members of the family”) and barely ever before explore “brothers” just like the “friends” can mean “close friends” and you may “boyfriend” but “brothers” can just only previously become platonic.

Which tune is since the agonizing to research because it were to tune in to. However, their such as for example a lovely portion. Their indeed very hard to not ever assist my emotion get on my data haha. I could look for something happy getting my 2nd one to, probably ggs see once again.

Also, happy birthday, dd! This is the 8th song to represent you. The music video also have them celebrating a cake. I hope you have move away from pain and are celebrating with loved ones <3

While the dd try not sure out of what gg seems, most of the the guy observes are gg acting such as for example hes taste individuals thus that is why they feels like gg is simply “imitating” the newest act away from falling crazy

The line “so you can a question of zero get back” tells us one to dd is very head over heels to have gg, which all of us can see with your individual vision. Here, i understand the guy know so himself. He knows gg is a useful one to him and he knows the guy likes gg. However, wants more one to. He was gg in order to “accompany” him. “Accompany” right here function anyone to spend eternity with. Dd says the guy need to do not allow wade off gg. If we think that hes talking about the period in which it was in fact on holiday when you look at the late 2018, upcoming dd is actually super insecure from the where their future which have gg is actually. It spent an entire summer in an uncertain flirtatious stage, that otherwise may have progressed into a young matchmaking. But gg left your and he feels really hurt. Thats generally why hes “unwilling to distressed” gg. We can get a hold of from their relationships while the song “Nan Hai” one to dd is largely the only thats so much more notice-abased much less positive about the connection. Hes therefore afraid of not to take care of gg.

Which echos the first distinct the fresh tune one to gg brings dd numerous care and attention. Nevertheless the “comfort” is “useless” as no matter what much gg gets, when the theyre maybe not honest regarding their matchmaking, dds cardiovascular system are always has a great gaping hole your comfort can’t ever complete. We understand given that gg does love him but when you are into the an excellent fog of ambiguous relationships, you could potentially not sure if one another is during love with love or in love with you.

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