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20 Nassarius Snails Recently I ordered a beautiful Adult Coris gaimard (3-4 in.) (aka Red Coris Wrasse) that should be arriving shortly. I also saw that they are notoriously difficult to acclimate, but I have had good past experiences with the shipper and acclimation so I’m not too concerned with the acclimation. I also read that most of my inverts (my cleaning crew) will be eaten within a few months by the wrasse, and while foraging for inverts the wrasse will knock over the rocks the corals are attached to. My questions are: One: should I remove any of my current fish to avoid conflicts with the wrasse or to avoid overstocking? Two: will the wrasse pick on my cucumber? (I wouldn’t want to wake up to a dead cucumber in the morning, along with every other fish!) Three: are there any good alternatives for a cleaning crew that would be compatible with the wrasse? Four: will the wrasse pick on any of my corals? Finally: any good ideas for a method to prevent the coral from being toppled over? (I was thinking to attach the rocks the corals are growing on via rubber bands to the larger live rocks in the tank, or maybe something like that.) Any help/advice you could offer would be more than appreciated! Thanks You, Paul

Do you consider a Lunare Wrasse reef safe (except with shrimp)? – <. on a sliding scale of 1 to 10. > Will it damage other inverts and corals? Thanks, Kent

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Six-Line Wrasse and Expensive Meals To the esteemed wet web media crew: <> I have a 55-gallon FOWLR tank with approximately 70 pounds of live rock, a 1-inch crushed-coral bottom, an external Magnum 350 canister filter, two powerheads, and an Excalibur skimmer. I also use a small HOB refugium with an opposite light cycle. The tank and refugium both have Sugar Daddy Sites dating site Chaetomorpha macroalgae, and have been up for about a year. The stock includes a flame angel, two true perculas, four yellow Chromises, 1 cleaner shrimp, and three peppermint shrimp. I also have an assortment of snails and hermit crabs. I thought about adding a six-line wrasse as the final fish, but noted in your FAQs they may eat the shrimp.<> Should I pass on the Six-Line and try for a fairy or flasher wrasse?<> I’ve not seen either a Flasher or Fairy wrasse for sale in three fish stores I frequent.<> I like the shrimp (although the cleaner shrimp is the only one routinely seen without searching), and can think of less expensive meals for the fish. Thank you for your help. <>

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