Follow-up: > – the word Este in hebrew form god, how would one be of afro-asiatic root?

This new webpage was in the type from a training for me personally to demonstrate a sample off cuneiform creating and you can Sumerian sentences so you can an interested social

> in which do “ohim” come from whenever you curently have the fresh new El? otherwise where Este been >out-of in the 1st lay?

There is no word El in the Akkadian, but there are many different Akkadian terms beginning with El that mean ‘high, above, over’.

>I found myself happy observe your own page into the Sumerian. I am already building >proverb pages in the and pondered in the event the >you had difficulties publishing the new proverb webpage from the > or if perhaps it’s simply >not as much as build.

>Their web page from Sumerian proverbs at the is >unfortuitously truncated; it appears as though the fresh new publish procedure are interrupted. >Your readers create greatly enjoy a full variation!

Sorry indeed there commonly even more proverbs indeed there, however it is implied a great deal more due to the her dating free app fact an illustration of Sumerian creating and code than just like the a listing of proverbs.

To learn why it stops the way that it does, you have got to was clicking on a few of the signs inside the newest graphic – various parts of new graphic is mapped to invisible names to possess for every Sumerian phrase alone range.

When you’re trying to find Sumerian proverbs, Bendt Alster enjoys blogged a comprehensive, specialized book in two amounts, Proverbs off Old Sumer, 1997, provided by Eisenbraun’s, that there is certainly a connection at my links page.

However, in my own >view an effective instance to have including the Akkadian translations could well be one to >one can possibly get access to a much broad a number of definition, which a beneficial >alot more accurate knowledge of this new Sumerian word’s particular meaning(s), >by the looking up the newest Akkadian translations when you look at the AHw otherwise CAD

>Beloved sirs, navigating I came to exist your website in the websites. In fact what >I have to get a hold of was a sound file for sumerian and you may ancient egyptian languages, >what are the? >are you willing to offer their recommend.

Acquisition the fresh new CMAA sounds recording of Joan Goodnick Westenholz lecture, Enheduanna: Little princess, Priestess, Poetess, off Get ten, 1999 the spot where the lecturer realize quite a bit of Sumerian, recording WAW99-dos regarding the Ca Art gallery regarding Ancient Ways audiotape inventory.

Additionally there is a connection within my website links page out-of temporary Sumerian and possibly Egyptian greetings on Voyager spacecraft listing.

>I happened to be just thinking what your accept “the fresh new Sumerian state” is actually. I’m during the an excellent >category in the NC Condition to your Civilizations of one’s Old near East and i had been >trying assemble views on the very-titled Sumerian problem. You will find realize >by way of Tom Jones’ publication the newest Sumerian situation and am truly stumped. There was >proof to suggest which they had been native to the space and additionally there is >proof to point specific exterior determine. also a great migration, maybe regarding >the newest Indus Valley.

I do believe the Sumerian ‘problem’ was an illusion. New Sumerian lexicon implies continuity in this Mesopotamia after which coexistence with brand new Akkadians. The new map at my site shows you the things i envision concerning provider of the Sumerians.

The guy has been associated with the trees, virility, and snakes. Thorkild Jacobsen authored your sources of one’s tree draw nutrients out of strong underground and have the look of entwining snakes.

Sure, this means lord of one’s a great tree (or faithful device). Possibly discover particular interplay involving the phrase to possess forest and you may the term to have penis, very he or she is a jesus from fertility in addition to.

>A very basic concern/complaint: then give the Akkadian translations since the >really? I am aware needless to say not the pupil regarding Sumerian knows Akkadian; >which their stress is found on Sumerian; and you may appropriately very.

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