BlackPlanet are an African-American social network service for matchmaking and work postings; it also possess forums for conversation on political and personal dilemmas

BlackPlanet premiered on Sep 1, 2001 by Omar Wasow, an online specialist, which in 2001 ended up being operating “New York Online”, a pre-web society the guy started in 1993 from his living room area in Brooklyn. [2] It was the creation of Wasow and area Connect’s Chief Executive Officer Benjamin sunrays. Established in 1999, it actually was a family member latecomer to social media sites, with three currently in existence targeting folks of shade. [2] Benjamin sunlight would introduce AsianAve and [3]


The website is actually operated by area Connect of New York area. Neighborhood Connect in addition operates and [2] In April 2008, Community Connect is bought for $38MM by Radio One, a Lanham, MD-based media begun by Cathy Hughes. [4] Along with, and happened to be furthermore purchased. This step got taken by broadcast One to diversify beyond radio to attain black colored viewers. [5]

BlackPlanet’s wider objective would be to strengthen the Black colored people. [2]


The preferred message boards are latest happenings, Heritage & identification, connections, faith & Spirituality, and girls. [6] Wasow states BlackPlanet’s home-grown applications allows consumers to go between private content, to dating, talk, and community forums, targeting linking folks, without feeding them material. [2]


In January 2007, the account login BlackPlanet’s home-page boasted 15.8 million users since their inception in 1999. [6] At time of buy the site had about 20 million people and got the fourth most-visited U.S. social networking website. [7]

“BlackPlanet produces branded profile pages to incorporate marketers inside personal neighborhood, making it possible for customers to engage as buddies”; plus private profiles BlackPlanet additionally permits pages for companies, personalities, and merchandise. [8]

In 2009, BlackPlanet introduced additional features to your web site, such as a Facebook-style reputation revise, and a news pub that keeps users up-to-date with advice shared on fun One and BlackPlanet. The speak features has also been upgraded last year; the present talk try powered by a company also known as Chat Blazer and is also Flash oriented. [9]

At the beginning of 2010, BlackPlanet founded an innovative new homepage that integrated an Activity Feed, allowing customers to see revisions from people on BlackPlanet, either company or by place. [10]

Additional features

BlackPlanet has recently released two interactive games for customers, Farmandia and Fishdom.

BlackPlanet represent Farmandia below: “Farmandia places you into the farmer’s seat. Expand your make, care for your animals and construct their barns. More you perform, more points you’re compensated so you can keep farm in business. Require just a little services? Invite various other BlackPlanet people to assist.” [11]

BlackPlanet describes Fishdom thusly; “if you are complete hanging out on the farm, grab your digital fly rod and check out Fishdom in which you’re in charge of serving your own exotic number of under water pals. You much better earn your cash because they see great starving. You will never know when you’ll need to shop for additional edibles, accessorize your underwater kingdom or bring your seafood newer and more effective friends.” [11]

The parallels to myspace’s Farmville have never lost unnoticed by the BlackPlanet customers, just who suggest the necessity for improvement associated with the web site’s system and principal functions such as for instance cam prior to the introduction of games. [11]

Smartphone software

BlackPlanet also launched mobile software in ’09 for cell phones. The program BlackPlanetMobile is cost-free whenever it had been launched but was not unique of cellular carrier costs. [9] BlackPlanetMobile would not work with the BlackBerry, GPhone, iPhone, or Sidekick smartphones whenever released. [9]

BlackPlanet book Alerts can also be found to alert customers to news and notifications. This can be an opt-in provider. [9]

Social support systems

It has been stated that online networks have come to determine the present day Web enjoy. [12]

BlackPlanet, as a predecessor to Facebook and Myspace, moved somehow to influencing the net as consumers recognise they. Before the preferred communities permitted you to definitely “like” blogs, “poke” crushes, or “retweet” stars, web-savvy African Americans happened to be connecting on BlackPlanet. [12]

Wasow himself has stated” [12]

The guys just who begun Myspace happened to be quoted in Business month mag stating that they looked at BlackPlanet as an unit for Myspace and thought there was clearly a couple hooking up chance to create an over-all market form of what BlackPlanet had been.

At the time of June 2007, BlackPlanet had 16.5 million people and 80 million page views. It actually was referred to as the greatest on the web news organization for African-Americans and “the granddaddy of social-networking websites”. [13] BlackPlanet loved significantly more than 6 million special tourist four weeks in April 2008. In 2007, BlackPlanet found by itself to get the next most widely used social networking means on the web, however with the big rise in Facebook, Twitter and MySpace practices, BlackPlanet fails to build popularity inside leading 15 internet sites relating to eBizMBA, in March 2011, trusted experts to suggest that ‘BlackPlanet has dropped to your wayside as different sites have chosen to take the social network mantle.’ [12]

BlackPlanet utilises various other social network methods such Twitter and Twitter being contact new and prospective customers. The Twitter feed was updated on a near everyday basis, placing comments and highlighting points of interest into black colored community. Recent tweets consist of: “83% of BP voters imagine non-Black rappers should never utilize the #nword. what exactly do you think of that?” [14] and, “Weave techniques unveiled. Move from drab to fab in five minutes.” [14] The BlackPlanet Twitter feed can always send announcements and posts about the BlackPlanet webpages by itself. Wider governmental problem may talked about, like: “What will you will do #ifgovernmentshutsdown?” [14]

The BlackPlanet myspace web page is used to convince conversation of problems both straight and ultimately appropriate to the community of African-American users. The Facebook condition enhance feature is utilized to inquire of issues toward webpage followers, and is better responded to typically. Questions bring included, “precisely what do you believe regarding the notion of Ebony relationships Day?”, [15] “precisely what do you imagine of men and women making use of the term ‘ghetto’ when explaining something which’s not attractive?”, [15] and, “Men, ever pamper yourself with a gentleman’s face, manicure or pedicure? Girls, what do you believe of men who take care of their skin and nails?” [15]

Both social media resources are used to market the “Member of the Day” element, drawing focus on the look of the preferred representative. Associated a hyperlink to your user’s visibility try a brief review particularly, “she actually is gorgeous, she actually is solitary, she actually is our very own member of the afternoon. Search the woman out”, [14] and, “Nonetheless require evidence that individuals have the prettiest people worldwide? You are pleasant.” [14]

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