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Cryptocurrencies crashed last week following the downfall of ‘stable coin’ TerraUSD, but volatility in the market is just one factor that may mean we can’t rely on crypto. The Sydney entrepreneur, dubbed the ‘crypto king’, has sensationally claimed he will sell his $7 million beachside pad to buy Bitcoin, if the cryptocurrency falls to $12,000 USD.

More people think cryptocurrencies are a Ponzi scheme despite the backing of Hollywood stars like Matt Damon and Kim Kardashian, according to a poll. The Bill will look to protect the UK’s financial system from exploitation amid fears the City has earned a reputation as a money-laundering hub. The prices of Bitcoin are swaying back and forth as the market currently awaits the comments of Fed chairman Jerome Powell. However, the Ethereum Merge has moved into Bitcoin discussions. Many are questioning whether the post-Ethereum Merge price will be enough to initiate the Flippening. The Flippening is a long-fabled event in which the Ethereum market cap would overtake Bitcoin.

Anthony CuthbertsonEthereum Merge date announced for ‘biggest event in crypto history’

Investigators did identify that it had secured a £50,000 Bounce Back Loan , although there was also no evidence that the company was eligible under the scheme rules. ECOS Expanding the Facility’s Capacity A digital platform dubbed ECOS Free Economic Zone brought positive news from Armenia, a nation… The Bitcoin Offerings to Kill Berlin officials assert that a dumped German man sought out a bitcoin-for-hire hitman after internet… MicroStrategy announced the purchase of 21,454 bitcoinsIt costed them around $250 millionThey aim to use it as primary treasury reserve… The billionaire called out the YouTube scams in a tweet this week. Some examples are scamming people out of tens of thousands of pounds.

bitcoin news

Always combine multiple sources of information and analysis before making an investment and if in doubt seek independent financial advice. While many other cryptocurrencies have massive roadmaps and planned upgrades, such as the Ethereum Merge or Cardano Vasil Hard Fork, such major upgrades aren’t currently coming for Bitcoin. Recently, a renowned banking platform Galoy has introduced a Bitcoin-backed synthetic dollar with an intention to “solve short-term volatility price risk.

Why is crypto dropping? Bitcoin, Terra and Ripple suffer as ‘victim of own success’

The company had raised car prices to cope with inflation and production challenges. The AFR Young Rich-Lister and co-founder of the comparison website Finder, has made a fortune trading digital currency but in the past year Bitcoin has What is Bitcoin dropped more than 50 per cent in value. The recently released CPI data has brought positive news for the market as it mentions details on how UD inflation is declining, which in turn may provide some respite to the markets worldwide.

bitcoin news

The largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation is changing hands for $19,887 at time of writing, a drop of 1.62% since this time yesterday. But it marks the tenth straight day that Bitcoin has failed to hold above the psychologically important $20,000 mark. The total spot trading volume reported by all exchanges over the last 24 hours was $35.318 billion. High volumes can indicate that a significant price movement has stronger support and is more likely to be sustained. The total spot trading volume reported by all exchanges over the last 24 hours was $31.114 billion. The total spot trading volume reported by all exchanges over the last 24 hours was $28.174 billion.

Scammers use Beeple’s hacked Twitter account to trick crypto fans out of £348,000

World Bank affiliate, International Finance Corp , announced its support for a blockchain-enabled platform to trade carbon credits. The Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Russia have reconsidered their stance on cryptocurrencies, a step needed to legitimize cross-border payments in these currencies, according… Bitcoin mining doesn’t care where & doesn’t care when power is produced. As part of their duties, the Official Receiver as Liquidator will seek to recover and realise the assets of the company to make returns to creditors.

One prominent Bitcoin supporter in the news today is Microstrategy’s Michael Saylor. Saylor has stepped down from his position as Microstrategy CEO after the company reported losses of over $1 billion. The latest Bitcoin news today concerns one of the largest Bitcoin mining companies – Marathon Digital Holdings – reporting a loss of $191.6 million in Q2 2022. As the most popular cryptocurrency, the latest Bitcoin news today will always have large ramifications for the entire market. It is “mined” using an energy-intensive process using customised computer systems that compete to solve mathematical puzzles. Between December 2017 and December 2018 the value of a bitcoin fell from £14,799 to £2,500, before surging to nearly £50,000 in November 2021.


Crypto assets’ prices have recorded more volatility in recent times. There have been some spikes and pullbacks in the price of many.

Cryptocurrency dropped in value, with Bitcoin falling by almost 15% on Monday. The use of Telegraph Markets Hub is only provided for your general information and is not intended to be relied upon by you in making or not making any investment decisions.

Bitcoin price crashes further amid warnings it could go ‘further’

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, or a decentralised digital currency. This report reviews the impact of significant changes in the industry since the publication of the 2nd Global Cryptoasset Benchmarking Study in 2018.

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